Drymatic Heat Drying

The Drymatic System offers Water Damage Restoration contractors a drying methodology that can be used across a wide range of claims; from small escapes of water, such as a radiator leak, through to total losses where a header tank has failed in a loft, saturating the whole house. The system has been designed to deliver faster drying, reduced strip-out and reinstatement costs, and less disruption for the policyholder - making it a preferred solution for Insurance professionals.

Targeted Heat Drying (or Thermal Energy Drying) is the most cost-effective and efficient method of restoring water damaged structures back to their pre-loss conditions. The Drymatic System uses controlled heat to energise the affected materials, increasing the vapour pressure of the wet structure, and speeding up the process of evaporation. Once the water is removed from the structure and moved into the ambient air, the Drymatic System can then purge the building of wet air and replace it with fresh unaffected air.

Drymatic technology is designed to deliver hot, dry air to the water held within the structure, in a safe and controlled way.



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