Drymatic Boost Bar 90° (L Shape) Adaptor Kit

Drymatic Boost Bar 90° (L Shape) Adaptor Kit


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  • Duct into sub-floor spaces

  • Connect 600mm lay flat ducting and run heated airflow into a ceiling space

  • Divert your heated airflow away from sensitive flooring materials such as hardwood floors or Anhydrite screeds.

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This kit includes:

  • Drymatic Boost Bar 90° (L Shape) Adapter Kit

  • Drymatic Accessory Bag

Check out the Drymatic L-Shape Adaptor and the Boost Bar Complete Package:

Drymatic Boost Bar can be fitted with a 90deg Adaptor that either takes the airflow upwards or downwards. When facing downwards the adaptor is perfect for channeling heated air into a crawlspace or sub-floor environments. Simply cut a small section of the sub-floor and focus the airflow in through the opening. If you want to direct airflow up in to the room, perhaps just to help maintain temperature, then rotate the adaptor 180deg. Need to direct heated air into a ceiling? Why not attach lay-flat on the 90 Deg adaptor and duct heated air into the ceiling!


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