Industrial Unit, Rülzheim, Germany - Water damage from broken water pipe

DBK was contacted by a local manufacturing company in Rülzheim, Germany following an escape of water in their premises. The leak was a slow-leak that was left undetected for several weeks, causing significant water damage throughout the property.

Business interruption was a major concern for the customer and they needed a solution that would allow them to continue running throughout the drying process. Conventional methods would have caused considerable disruption to the business and were not an option so the ΩDBK Drymatic System was chosen.

The water damage was significant throughout the building and the first 12-18″ of the wall were saturated.

Core samples of the concrete slab were taken throughout the property to determine the extent of the water damage. Unfortunately a large portion of the slab was water damaged due to the length of time that the leak was left undetected.

The ΩDBK Drymatic System  was installed throughout the property using heat and air-exchange to extract the moisture. Targeted heat-drying was then employed in the worst affected areas to accelerate the drying program.

As the employees were still working in the property it was important that the equipment was quiet and that the heat and humidity could be controlled.  The ΩDBK Drymatic System catered for these requirements.

Within 20 days the property was brought back into a state of dryness with no business interruption for the owner. Due to the use of targeted heat drying the concrete slab was successfully dried with no strip-out required saving thousands of pounds in rein-statement costs.

Quotations from other contractors indicated that drying of the property using conventional methods would have required significant strip-out of the property and approx. 60 days+ drying time.

Alan James